Track list
The beginning of war
Deadly nicotine
Powered by anger
More to see
Money sucker
Wounds within
All those things
Beneath the sky
Murderous impulses
Album Line-up
Edouard Kaiser
Vocals / Guitar
Geoffrey Darras
Jean-Philippe Dejean
Cyril Valade
Powered by anger

Powered by Anger is our First album, released the 12th of February 2013.

His crafting asked us a lot of personal involvement and work. Far from being unpleasant or really hard to make, we took conscience of what such a process involved, meaning : a lot of work, and a deep sense of detail.

The goal of making an album appeared quite early from the moment we began to play together and seemed to be an obvious accomplishment to the band's dynamic as we perceived it. The starting point was to create an album we would like to hear, which allowed to find all the characteristics elements of the Bay-Area Thrash scene of the 80's, but trying to bring to it our touch and our personal interpretation of the genre. We always kept in mind and watch to avoid the paste and copy syndrom of riffs, structures or songs already composed. We had to not retain, in certain occasions, some riffs or song's passages too close from those we knew. And in this case, we systematically rearranged the whole thing, or throw it away if it wasn't working to our eyes and ears.

If all the songs, from a general state of point, took really often birth from a riff, we really cared to not present songs made with riffs empilement, all stucked together. It was really important to present coherent structures, which allows to tell a story and serve a purpose. Some songs came out in 2009, during the first year of the band's construction, and the last songs were composed and finished early 2012. The recording was realized at the Trendkill Studio on an One and half year period, divided in several shorts sessions of consecutive days, generally during week-ends. As an independant and self-produced band, we had to deal with our respectives jobs, and to spare some money in order to finance each recording session. Finally, the recording phase in itself had taken around ten days.

The achievement of all this process consists in ten songs you'll find in there, going from complex 10 minutes-long multi parts Thrash titles (Beginning of War), to heavy tunes (Wounds Within), alongside with power-ballad (More to See) and an almost entirely acoustic instrumental song (Beneath the Sky), between others. We wanted to make a various album, where the titles had their own identity and aren't made on the same recipe repeated several times. We tried to create and tell a story, with tempo, riffs and structures variations, while trying not to lose the listener, and allowing him to recognize and hang out to some key elements. We put and invested all our guts in this album, and tried to expose and show in the most genuine and honest way who we were at this stade of our lives. We never, ever pretend to reinvent the Heavy-Thrash Metal Scene, it's simply is our tribute to a musical style in which we totally embraced, and to whom we try to bring our personal interpretation and vision, while recombining any specific elements, but with our personality as musicians, or simply as human being. First of all, we tried to satisfy ourselves and made the best album possible.

The album's title was found in the end of the process, after all the ten songs were chosen (and still not all recorded for some of them at this point). While discussing and putting together all the lyrics, and all the situations and context which gave birth to the songs, we agreed and realized that the general idea emerging from all of this was the Anger. The strokes of Fate, Life's situations, some encounters and persons we had to deal with, led us to going on more or less harder, and made us what we were at this time. Talking and writing about all of this in our songs allowed us to get rid about, and made up creating something from. Transcend his frustrations, transcend his Anger and be powered by Anger tooked all his sense and reflected perfectly our state of mind. Oddly enough, some lyrics became then prophetics regarding what was yet to come. This album is here to lay down some "material" testimony of all those years with Edouard on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, and show his involvement during all this time, before leaving to new adventures.

Here it is "Powered by Anger", Heresy's Debut Album.

We hope you'll enjoy to discover it and wish you a good listening.